Summer Teen Volunteer Program

Applications for Summer 2017 are now closed. GSC staff are reviewing applications. Candidates will be emailed by Friday, April 7 at 5pm with information about the next steps in the process.

If you love talking to people, have a passion for science, and are looking for a meaningful way to spend your summer, consider applying for one of our summer teen volunteer programs. The Greensboro Science Center has a variety of volunteer opportunities designed to fit every schedule and interest.

“My advice to anyone that’s considering volunteering but isn’t quite sure would be to just do it! It’s an amazing experience, one you definitely won’t regret. It’s easy to get nervous or feel like you don’t do well here, but it truly is a fantastic place and we could always use one more bright teen as part of the volunteer family.”

-Savannah M., Summer 2015 Exhibit Guide alumni, Currently volunteers as an Exhibit Guide and Zoo Docent

Program Guide
Exhibit Guide

Available Programs

Animal Ambassador Program
Exhibit Guide Program
Teacher's Assistant Program


That’s up to you! If you like animals, go with Animal Ambassador. If you enjoy working with children and being a mentor, apply to become a Teacher’s Assistant. If you like interacting with all different types of people, the Exhibit Guide program is right for you.

Our program is designed for teens ages 13-17. Applicants must be at least 13 years of age by May 25, 2017 to be considered for the program. No exceptions will be made. Our teen volunteers need to be mature and dependable. They need to be self-starters who are comfortable with and capable of volunteering with minimal supervision from our staff. For that reason, we sometimes have more mature 13 year olds who are accepted over 17 year old candidates.
No. The GSC places a high degree of trust in our teen volunteers. We enjoy seeing our teens branch out on their own to interact with visitors. In our program, many teens complete their first ever interview, learn what it’s like to have to maintain a schedule and let a supervisor know if they cannot come in, develop public speaking skills, etc. They do that best when given the chance to learn by doing on their own!
No. Pick your top choice program. Submit the application only for that program. On your application, you will be able to indicate a second choice program.
No. We typically receive more applications for each program than we have spots. Please keep this in mind when you complete your application. It is your introduction to us before we ever have a chance to meet you. We expect to see thoughtful answers crafted in complete sentences! It is expected that the candidate—not their parent—completes the application.
Yes. We will be conducting interviews with selected applicants from 2 - 5pm on April 12 and 13 and 6 - 8pm during the evenings of April 27 and May 2. All interviews will take place at the GSC. You must pass the interview to make it into the program. We will email all applicants by 5pm on Thursday, April 6 about setting up interviews. You won’t need to be at the GSC for the full time. We’ll let you know your exact interview time, for example 6:15. You’ll need to arrive at least 10 minutes early in case we’re running ahead. Each interview lasts about 10 minutes. Once your interview is done, you are free to leave. Please keep in mind that we do not always interview every candidate. Late or incomplete applications are not considered.
We will email everyone by 5pm on Monday, May 8. You will have until 5pm on Friday, May 12 to let us know if you’ve chosen to participate in the program. If you decline, we will notify one of the alternates.
We wish we could accept everyone for our volunteer program. We typically say no to someone volunteering at our facility for one of the following reasons:
  • They have limited availability and thus would not meet the schedule requirementof the program they applied for.
  • They seem uncomfortable talking to people. We realize many teens are nervous during their interviews. However, we look for teens who make eye contact, seem excited about the possibility of volunteering, and want to learn.
  • We get the impression that the parent wants their child to volunteer but the child doesn’t seem interested. We are looking for volunteers who are genuinely interested in helping out.
Yes. The fee for all three programs is $25. This includes the cost of your name tag and your t-shirt which you will wear as part of your uniform. Scholarships are available upon request. The fee is due at training, NOT as an application fee.

Yes. Using our scheduling system, you’ll be able to keep track of all of your volunteer hours. You will be responsible for logging your hours in your x2Vol account. The Volunteer Office will then approve your hours.

For program-specific information (Animal Ambassador, Exhibit Guide, and Teacher’s Assistant) please download our Summer 2017 Teen Volunteer Program Guide. That guide will walk you through each program including a description, timeline, and even our criteria for accepting candidates into the program!

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