Summer Camps

From amazing animals to rockin’ robots, we make science fun and engaging with hands-on activities and learning adventures!

Registration Fees

Session GSC Member Non-Member
AM (9am - 12pm) $130
$78 (June 14 - 16)
$102 (June 14 - 16)
PM (1pm - 3pm) $90 $120
XPM (1pm - 4pm) $130 $170
HOL (9am - 3pm) $140 $185
DAY (9am - 3pm) $230 $295
Lunch Bunch (12pm - 1pm) $15/week $15/week
Extended Day (3pm - 4:30pm) $20/week
$12 (July 6 - 8)
$12 (July 6 - 8)

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The HERP Project

Rising 9th - 12th graders are invited to join us for a week of field-based study designed specifically for teens!


Find, study and track reptiles and amphibians that live on the GSC property and surrounding forests, streams and ponds. Work with fellow high school students, GSC staff, as well as UNCG faculty and students to collect, process, and analyze scientific data. For more information about The HERP Project, click here. June 19 - 23, 9am - 2pm, Cost: $100 (scholarships are available)

Click here to download an application.

Science Exploration Summer Camps at a Glance

Click here for Brick Engineering & Robotics Camps

Week Session Ages 4 - 5 Ages 6 - 7 Ages 8 - 9 Ages 10 - 12
June 14 - 16 AM EC1: Wheel of Science A1: Fish Frenzy B1: Star Struck C1: Amazing Adaptations
June 19 - 23 AM EC3: Sunny Side Up A3: Critters and Crafts B3: Scales, Feathers, and Fur C3: Animals Inside Out
PM A4: Solid, Liquid, Gas, Oh My!: Matter B4: Wizard Science C4: Girls in Science
June 26 - 30 AM EC5: Creepy Crawlies A5: Down on the Farm B5: Candy Chemistry
PM A6: Colorful Science B6: Fantastic Physics
DAY C5: Animal Care Camp
July 5 - 7 HOL A7: Science Sampler B7: Grab Bag Science C7: Lab Rats
July 10 - 14 AM EC9: Dino-Mite A9: Icky Sticky Science B9: Animal Stars C9: Cool Chemistry
PM A10: Racecar Rally B10: Wacky Weather C10: North Carolina Wild!
July 17 - 21 AM EC11: Sunny Side Up A11: Fish Frenzy B11: Star Struck
PM A12: Eco Art
DAY C11: Animal Care Camp
July 24 - 28 AM EC13: Creepy Crawlies A13: Critters and Crafts B13: Scales, Feathers, and Fur C13: Amazing Adaptations
PM A14: Solid, Liquid, Gas, Oh My!: Matter B14: Wizard Science C14: Girls in Science
July 31 - August 4 AM EC15: Wheel of Science A15: Down on the Farm B15: Candy Chemistry C15: Animals Inside Out
PM A16: Colorful Science B16: Fantastic Physics C16: Great Galaxies
August 7 - 11 AM EC17: Dino-Mite A17: Icky Sticky Science B17: Animal Stars C17: Cool Chemistry
PM A18: Racecar Rally B18: Wacky Weather C18: North Carolina Wild!

Brick Engineering & Robotics Summer Camps at a Glance

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Week Session Age 5 Ages 6 - 7 Ages 8 - 9 Ages 10 - 11 Ages 12 - 14
June 14 - 16 AM EL1: Buggy Bots RR1: Off-roading Rocks with Bots
June 19 - 23 AM EL3: Shark Survival RR3: Aquarium Splash
PM BL4: Splish, Splash CL4: Deep Sea Engineering
XPM LR4: Ocean Exploration
(girls only)
June 26 - 30 AM RR5: The Magic of Coding
XPM EL6: Adventures in Coding (girls only)
DAY LR5: Robotics Engineering
and Visual Programming
July 5 - 7 HOL EL7: Water Machine Mania RR7: Automation Challenge
July 10 - 14 AM EL9: Shark Survival RR9: Aquarium Splash (girls only)
PM BL10: Splish, Splash CL10: Deep Sea Engineering (girls only)
XPM LR10: Ocean Exploration
July 17 - 21 PM CL12: Deep Sea Engineering
DAY EL11: Water Machine Mania RR11: Automation Challenge
July 24 - 28 AM EL14: Adventures in Coding RR13: The Magic of Coding
PM CL14: Dune Buggy Build
XPM EL13: Adventures in Coding
July 31 - August 4 AM EL15: Beginner Designer and Programmer RR15: Robotics Designer
PM BL16: Splish, Splash CL16: Dune Buggy Build
XPM LR16: Designs come Alive
August 7 - 11 AM EL17: Shark Survival RR17: Aquarium Splash
PM BL18: Splish, Splash CL18: Dune Buggy Build
XPM LR18: Ocean Exploration

Science Exploration Summer Camp Descriptions

Science Exploration Camps: Ages 4 - 5

Wheel of Science

Don’t have a favorite science area yet? We’ll mix things up, make things move and meet a variety of animal guests. From the earth beneath your feet to the stars in the sky, we’ll explore a different area of science each day. 9am - 12pm

Sunny Side Up

Harness the power of the sun. You’ll learn how to create sun prints, measure melting, and cook with solar power. Don’t miss the rainbow party at the end of the week. 9am - 12pm

Creepy Crawlies

Don’t let these creatures BUG you – learn all about insects and spiders. Search the museum, zoo and Country Park as you investigate creatures of the scaly and slimy variety. Build a critter catcher to take home. 9am - 12pm


Do you have a passion for the prehistoric? Join us as we unearth dinosaur facts, create our own fossils and imagine what life was like in the days of the dinosaurs. It will be DINO-mite! 9am - 12pm

Science Exploration Camps: Ages 6 - 7

Fish Frenzy

Dive in and explore our new aquarium expansion. We’ll investigate the world beneath the waves, assist with a fish dissection, and make a Gyotaku fish print. It’s an aquatic jungle out there! 9am - 12pm

Eco Art

Join us as we explore the natural beauty of the great outdoors and become friends of the environment! Learn about the three R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and ways we can be more “green!” We’ll turn trash into treasure as we make crafts from recyclable materials. 1pm - 3pm

Critters and Crafts

Does your child enjoy using his/her imagination, creating crafts and visiting animals? If so, this is the camp for them! We will create treasures using supplies from nature while learning how animals use the same elements for their homes and for survival! 9am - 12pm

Solid, Liquid, Gas, Oh My!: Matter

Does is it really matter? Find out as you fry ice, use a banana to hammer a nail and explode soda. You’ll need a lot of energy for this camp. 1pm - 3pm

Down on the Farm

The newly renovated Friendly Farm will provide a natural classroom for examining life on a farm. Learn how to plant a garden and the insects that help pollinate it. Try some yarn spinning and making butter and meet some of the animals that call Friendly Farm home. 9am - 12pm

Colorful Science

From physics to chemistry, learn how color and science go hand-in-hand. We’ll investigate the visible light spectrum, observe colorful chemical reactions and learn about color and animals. 1pm - 3pm

Science Sampler

Join us for our holiday camp as we explore different areas of science. We’ll mix things up, make things move and meet a variety of animal guests. From the earth beneath your feet to the stars in the sky, we’ll explore a different area of science each day. We’ll also take in an OmniSphere Theater show and meet Indiana Bones. Lunch supervision is included; bring a bag lunch, drink and snack each day. July 5 - 7: 9am - 3pm

Icky Sticky Science

Let’s get messy as we investigate physical changes and chemical changes that will make things pop and ooze. From making slime to investigating strange behaviors of fluids, you’ll find science can be fun and messy! 9am - 12pm

Racecar Rally

On your mark, get set, gravity! Explore friction, momentum, potential and kinetic energy as you engineer your own racecars. Put your creativity to the test with a week full of racing and steer yourself to first place. Don’t let friction hold you back from taking this exciting class. 1pm - 3pm

Science Exploration Camps: Ages 8 - 9

Star Struck

From comets to constellations, we’ll check out the amazing things that light up the summer night sky. Investigate the power of our star, the sun, as we observe it safely and use it in solar cooking. You’ll also “hike” the galaxy, create sun prints and measure melting rates. 9am - 12pm

Scales, Feathers and Fur

They slither and slide, croak and crawl, and are lots of fun to learn about. Spend a week with some new friends as you uncover their special talents. See firsthand how we feed our snakes and tortoises and learn about animals in your own backyard as you also create some critter surprises to take home. 9am - 12pm

Wizard Science

Is it magic or science? You don’t have to take a mysterious train to find out in this wizard academy. Investigate the science behind growing beasts, disappearing water and potions. Chemistry is also food-come see if our green jelly beans are magically lime or lawn flavored. 1pm - 3pm

Candy Chemistry

Study the sweet side of science as you savor the chemical structures and reactions of all the treats you love! Ice cream, taffy and gummy bears are just a few of the sweets you will make and taste. 9am - 12pm

Fantastic Physics

Physics makes the world go around - literally. Learn its secrets as you build and design marble mazes, racecars and more. Energy and motion take center stage in this week of “phantastically phun” physics. 1pm - 3pm

Grab Bag Science

Celebrate the holiday with science highlights this week. You’ll hang out with animals, compete in the famous egg-drop Olympics, work indoors and out, and try your hand at chemistry. During the week we’ll also take in an OmniSphere Theater show and meet Indiana Bones. Lunch supervision is included; bring a bag lunch, drink and snack each day. July 5 - 7: 9am - 3pm

Animal Stars

Set out on a fantastic adventure to uncover wonders of the animal kingdom. Play animal games, create wild crafts, and get up-close to your favorite creatures. From feathers and fur to scales and slime, you’re going to have a WILD time becoming an animal expert. 9am - 12pm

Wacky Weather

Survive the destructive forces of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes! Discover the science behind extreme weather, avalanches, tsunamis, and more. After becoming junior meteorologists, you’ll design and engineer structures and inventions that can help predict and withstand the elements of nature. 1pm - 3pm

Science Exploration Camps: Ages 10 - 12

Amazing Adaptations

Spend some time hanging out with a wild crowd – the animals of our zoo and aquarium. We’ll study a variety of animals and their adaptions from foraging to locomotion to defense. We’ll also take a break to catch some keeper talks and behind-the-scene tours. 9am - 12pm

Animals Inside Out

Gain a new appreciation for diversity and adaptations as you take a look at animal anatomy and behavior. Dissect a fish, a squid and an owl pellet to get the inside scoop and then make external observations of tracks, behaviors and even scent markings to learn all about animals. 9am - 12pm

Girls in Science

Girls rule this week in an all-girl team of scientists. Sample different areas of science, from animals and plants to volts and jolts to fun physics and chemistry. Explore a different area of science each day. 1pm - 3pm

Animal Care Camp

Join us for a variety of experiences for the true animal lover. Find out how we care for the animals in zoo and aquarium. We’ll lend a hand in the zoo and aquarium each day, learn about the care of all kinds of animals and meet animal professionals as they share their experiences with us. Dress for outdoor work; closed-toe shoes are a must. Lunch supervision is included; bring a bag lunch, drink and snack each day. If you have taken this class in a previous summer, please allow others to sign up this summer. 9am - 3pm

Lab Rats

Can’t pick your favorite science topic? This is the holiday camp for you! Be a chemist for a day, have fun with physics and enjoy awesome astronomy! We’ll go behind the scenes and learn about animal care as you sample and experiment with a variety of science topics. Lunch supervision is included; bring a bag lunch, drink and snack each day. July 5 - 7: 9am - 3pm

Cool Chemistry

Create crystals, pop popcorn and perform candy chromatography – all in the name of science. You’ll learn about compounds that change how things work and run scientific tests on common household items to find “the best.” You’ll also come up with ultimate recipes for fizzy, oozing and odiferous improvements! 9am - 12pm

North Carolina Wild!

From the mountains to the rolling hills of the Piedmont, to the coastal plain, and the Atlantic Ocean that borders our state – North Carolina is an amazing state. From the GSC perspective, we’ll explore these habitats looking at animals, plants, and indigenous people that are native to each of these parts of North Carolina. Enjoy a week of exploring all the natural treasures of our state. 1pm - 3pm

Great Galaxies

The universe is ours to explore, from stars and their stories to the planets, moons and asteroids. Learn the parts of a telescope and mix up meteors. Make solar safe observations with special telescopes and investigate how we harness that solar energy to make tasty treats. 1pm - 3pm

Brick Engineering & Robotics Summer Camp Descriptions

Age 5: Beginner Builders

We are introducing our youngest engineers to building challenges, teamwork and creative innovation with our favorite DUPLO® and standard LEGO® building blocks. Classes have both directed assignments and creative free-building time to apply lessons with simple machines. Campers also learn cooperatively through buddy building missions.

Splish, Splash

Jump into the water this summer, whether it’s a pond, a lake, a sea or an ocean. Campers will build things that live and move in the water using simple machines (wheels, axles, inclined planes, and levers) all while learning about the new animals in our aquarium. 1pm - 3pm

Ages 6-7: Children As Rookie Engineers (CARE)

From wheels and axles to gears and pulleys, students learn the basics of simple machines through building. They also learn computer programming using the LEGO® Education WeDo 1.0 and 2.0, an icon-based introduction to robotics that uses motors and sensors. Classes have both directed assignments and free-building time. Campers also learn cooperatively through Buddy Building and missions. Please choose one session only per child. There are no prerequisites.

Deep Sea Engineering

Are you ready to go deep sea diving? We’ll investigate the new aquarium and create an underwater world using robotics and simple machines. We’ll take time to go behind the scenes of the aquarium to visit the new aquarium critters. 1pm - 3pm

Dune Buggy Build

Wheeeee! Let’s design and build a dune buggy and other moving vehicles. Campers will learn about the physics of force and motion while creating different types of all-terrain vehicles using LEGO bricks and an interactive program. Campers will visit the zoo and investigate the vehicles used here at GSC. 1pm - 3pm

Ages 8-9: Engineering And Robotics Learned Young (EARLY)

In EARLY LEGO® building, campers learn the basics of sound mechanical engineering and stable building techniques. Fun challenges and teamwork are a part of each session. Campers use the NXT program and learn programming basics as they build autonomous robots and tackle obstacles on a challenge mat. Please choose no more than one session/topic for the summer per child. There are no prerequisites.

Buggy Bots

Let’s start the summer off with some fun buggy bot making. Campers will learn about designing, drawing and building a dune buggy type vehicle. We will put our designs through the test with some fun challenges just like the car manufacturers do. 9am - 12pm

Shark Survival

Calling all shark lovers! Join us as we build autonomous robots using the NXT brick, learn programming and tackle challenges based on this past off-season challenge mat. Team building and building missions enhance our cooperative approach. We’ll also visit some sharks as inspiration. 9am - 12pm

Adventures in Coding

New camp! Learn the basics of program coding on the computer. We’ll be introduced to Scratch which teaches block coding. We’ll learn to make interactive art, animate and even design our own game with inspiration from visits to the zoo and aquarium. This camp has something for all campers whether you are interested in technology, art or music. 9am - 12pm, 1pm - 4pm

Water Machine Mania

Can’t get enough building? These all day camps mix designing and programming to build a working water dispensing machine that will use multiple NXT bricks. They will incorporate sensors and program their designs. For a change of scenery, we’ll also take in a public show and visit some zoo and aquarium animals. Lunch supervision is included; bring a bag lunch, drink and snack each day. July 5 - 7: 9am - 3pm

Beginner Designer and Programmer

Campers will work with a buddy to draw up a design whether it’s a vehicle or an animal, get the design approved, build it using the NXT bricks and then program it to move. This is a great camp for both new and experienced students. 9am - 12pm

Ages 10-11: Rookie Robotics

This group of engineers continues with creating autonomous robots and programming with NXT and/or EV3. The emphasis is on complex building design and strategic problem-solving as you test your ability to solve a FIRST® LEGO® League-type tournament game. The aquarium challenge involves programming the robot to score points on a themed playing field and the Robotics Designer and Automation Challenge classes give campers a solid building and programming base. These three camps can be used as the prerequisite for GSC FLL teams (Off-roading Rocks with Bots and Magic of Coding are not prerequisites); see our website for more information about joining a FLL Fall team. Please choose no more than one session/topic per child. There are no prerequisites for camps.

Off-roading Rocks with Bots

Grab your goggles and helmets for some fun buggy bot making. Campers will learn about designing, drawing and building a dune buggy type vehicle. We will put our designs through the test with some fun challenges. 9am - 12pm

Aquarium Splash

Build autonomous robots using the EV3 brick, learn programming and tackle underwater challenges with your teammates based on this past off-season competition mat. We will also be exploring the aquarium and some of the challenges of sea life. Campers will get a behind the scenes tour of part of the aquarium. 9am - 12pm

Robotics Designer

From designer to programmer campers, will work together to draw up an imaginative design, get the design approved, build it using the NXT/EV3 bricks and then program the robot to move using sensors. This is a great camp for both new and experienced students. 9am - 12pm

Automation Challenge

New camp!! Campers are going to work together to design and build a working machine that will use multiple NXT/ EV3 bricks. They will incorporate sensors and program their designs. We’ll also stretch our legs with a visit to the zoo and aquarium. July 5 - 7: 9am - 3pm / 9am - 3pm

The Magic of Coding

New this summer! Get ready to get your game on. Campers will spend the first part of the week learning the basics of coding through using the computer and fun group activities. Groups will then take their new skills and creativity and work together on an aquarium inspired project with some basic parameters. 9am - 12pm

Ages 12-14: Robotics

Robotic enthusiasts build and program a fully autonomous robot using the EV3 smart brick. Campers are encouraged to continue developing their building skills using sensors and complex designs. The challenge depth is different for this older group than our younger Rookies. These three camps use EV3 programming which is a prerequisite for GSC FIRST® LEGO® League teams in the fall. See our website for more information about joining an FLL team. Please choose one session/topic only per child; there are no prerequisites for camps

Ocean Exploration

In celebration of our aquarium expansion campers will work in groups to build autonomous robots using the EV3 brick, learn programming and tackle underwater challenges based on this past previous off-season challenge mat. Campers will get a behind the scenes tour of part of the aquarium. 1pm - 4pm

Robotics Engineering and Visual Programming

Campers will work together to design and build a working machine to achieve a task that will use multiple NXT/ EV3 bricks and incorporate sensors. Then the group has to pull it all together and make sure their vision comes to life with programming. Campers will also get out of the lab and learn about animals at the zoo and aquarium. Lunch supervision is included; bring a bag lunch, drink and snack each day. 9am - 3pm

Designs come Alive

Campers will work with a buddy to draw up a design using Lego® Digital Designer, get the design approved, build it using the NXT/EV3 bricks and program the robot to move using the EV3 app. This is a great camp for both new and experienced students. 1pm - 4pm


Lunch Bunch

Lunch supervision is available to Summer Science Camp participants and can be added to any morning camp. It is necessary to add lunch if your child has both a morning and afternoon camp. Please be sure that your child brings a bag lunch that does not need to be refrigerated. Children must keep up with their own lunches, so be sure to label your child’s container. Cold beverages are available from the lunchroom vending machines. During this time GSC staff provides supervision. Children will be taken to their afternoon sessions or readied for pickup at the car line. Register for lunch supervision as you would a workshop.

Extended Day

Extended Day sessions are a relaxing way to end a day of exciting science adventure. We’ll have a supervised room and provide museum/zoo explorations, games, books and our favorite science movies during this unstructured period. Extended Days are offered as a service to meet your family’s changing schedules. Pick up your child any time before the 4:30 pm. Register for extended days as an option with afternoon camps. Extended Day is not offered the first week of camp.

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Our summer instructor staff is comprised of certified teachers from Guilford County and surrounding communities, as well as environmental education professionals. Our LEGO® camps also have our techno-whiz college students as instructors under the guidance of our Robotics Coordinator. Paid assistants and our summer “teen corps” volunteers lend a hand in classes.

Clothing should be comfortable for indoor and outdoor, hands-on activities. Closed-toe shoes and socks are suggested (required for Animal Care Camp and field courses). No flip-flops or roller sneakers allowed. Please leave all electronics at home. Label snacks and lunches. A water bottle is recommended.

All morning camps take a snack break. Only 3 hour LEGO® afternoon camps take a snack break. Please send a snack and drink (water is great!). Lunch Bunch students will need to bring a (non-refrigerated) bag lunch and drink.

Discipline issues are rare, but do occur. Initially, instructors will discuss the behavior with the camper. If the behavior persists, the camper will spend “quiet time” in the Education Department office. Behavior issues will be brought to the attention of the parent in order to work together toward an appropriate solution.

Our camp staff does not administer medication. Children who carry a self-administered inhaler or Epi-Pen for emergencies should note this on their health form. If your child has a medical issue while at camp, our Red Cross First Aid certified staff will treat basic needs (band-aids, ice packs). All medical issues will be brought to the attention of the parent or guardian listed on your health form. We are peanut-free in our classes but do use food in many classes. Please bring allergy information on your health form at the start of class for your instructor.

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