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Think BIG Together!

What We've Done


Bond Passes

The Greensboro community overwhelmingly passes a $3.5M bond for creation of Animal Discovery Zoo.


Animal Discovery Zoo Opens

Attendance doubles from 125K to 250K.

Zoo Opening

Jack Hanna Visits

Renowned zookeeper Jack Hanna comes to the Greensboro Science Center.

Jack Hanna

OmniSphere Theater Opens

The planetarium is transformed into a full-dome, high-resolution theater with 3D front projection and full laser capabilities.

OmniSphere Theater

Bond Passes

The Greensboro community passes a $20M bond to complete the GSC master plan.


HealthQuest Opens

HealthQuest, a new permanent exhibit, opens with a lead gift from the Cone Health Foundation.


New Robotics Labs Open

These labs double the capacity for classes, camps and competitions.

Robotics Class

Adventure Theaters Open

The theaters offer one-of-a-kind, total immersion, multimedia science entertainment.

Indiana Bones

Extreme Weather Gallery Opens

This gallery is a permanent exhibit centered on the science behind the fury - and fun - of Mother Nature.

Extreme Weather Gallery


The Greensoro Science Center is recognized in the book MAGNETIC MUSEUMS as one of six outstanding museums nationally, selected for excellence in growth and sustainability.


The TriceraShop Opens

A modernized gift shop featuring a wide variety of souvenirs, books and educational offerings.


The Fresh Market Café Opens

An on-site café featuring breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks.

The Fresh Market Cafe

Carolina SciQuarium Opens

North Carolina's first inland aquarium opens, making the Greensboro Science Center the only three-in-one attraction in the state. Attendance grows to 430K.

SciQuarium Opening

Historic $1M Gift Received

The Wiseman Family announces an historic $1M gift to catalyze the GSC's transformation.



A treetop adventure park focused on animal adaptations, fitness and family fun opens above the GSC's zoo.


SciPlay Bay Opens

Kids' Alley is transformed into an underwater and ocean-side play space for young children.

SciPlay Bay

What We're Doing


Wiseman Aquarium Expansion

The aquarium expansion will showcase diverse species of marine life while relaying messages about ocean conservation.

Aquarium Expansion

Barnyard Renovations

Hands-on experiences will allow visitors to experience life on the farm while exhibit improvements will enhance animal spaces.

Barnyard Renovations

Prehistoric Passsages: Realm of Dragons

Modern day dinosaurs will be on exhibit beside fascinating fossils. New technology and special effects will interpret exhibits like never before.

Prehistoric Passsages: Realm of Dragons

Rotary Carousel

This carousel will be the crowned jewel of and launching point for the Battleground Parks District project.

Rotary Carousel

Where We're Going

We invite you to become a part of the BIG things happening here at the GSC! Our Think BIG Together! Campaign has a goal to raise $10,000,000, culminating in the completion of the zoo expansion project, which will double the size of the current zoo! Privately, we have already raised $8,300,000, allowing us to complete the Wiseman aquarium expansion and reimagine the all-new dinosaur gallery (opening late 2017)! All gifts to the campaign will be matched at $0.50 for every dollar donated, up to $500,000. Join us today!

With your support, the Greensboro Science Center’s zoo expansion (called Revolution Ridge - Life on the Edge), expected to be complete by 2020, will provide extraordinary homes and extraordinary care to some truly amazing endangered animals. The current expansion plans include:

Shearer Animal Health Center

Shearer Animal Health Center

(Animal Care and Welfare)

WHAT: The science of animal care, conservation and welfare will be on display in an all-new and state-of-the-art animal hospital and veterinary medicine classroom.

WHY: Exhibiting, conserving and caring for over 1,000 animals, the GSC now requires an advanced animal health facility to ensure the highest standards in animal care and welfare.

WOW: Veterinary medicine is one of the most unique careers in the world. Dogs and cats are hard enough. Imagine caring for animals ranging from goats to gibbons … and pandas to penguins!

Help us make it happen.

Pygmy Hippo

Pygmy Hippo Hollow

(Small but Mighty)

WHAT: Much more of a “forest hippo” compared to its giant river cousin, pygmy hippos spend more time on land than in water foraging for ferns, fruit and grasses.

WHY: Found only in disappearing pockets of West Africa, pygmy hippos are rapidly declining due to habitat loss and being hunted for meat in this poverty-plagued region of Africa.

WOW: They will wallow in mud, wash in streams and prowl the woods as visitors stand just a few feet away. Imagine NC’s only hippo encounter right here in Greensboro.

Help us make it happen.


Okapi Forest

(Beautiful Beasts)

WHAT: First discovered by scientists just 130 years ago, these extremely elusive “forest giraffes” are among some of the most beautiful and misunderstood animals on the planet.

WHY: Habitat loss and the need for “bush meat” have pushed the okapi to the brink of extinction. Zoo conservation may be the only hope for this one-of-a-kind species!

WOW: Okapi require shade and seclusion to prosper in the wild. Okapi Forest will bring the velvety soft miniature giraffe to the Carolina woodlands for the first time in our state’s history.

Help us make it happen.


Cassowary Cove

(Modern Day Velociraptor)

WHAT: Often called “the most dangerous bird on the planet,” cassowaries are large (5-6 feet tall) and strikingly colorful forest dwellers of New Guinea and Australia.

WHY: Habitat loss, automobile accidents and feral dogs have pushed cassowaries into diminishing spaces and today they are endangered.

WOW: Cassowary Cove will provide visitors with an up-close view of these fast, formidable and elusive animals. Live and augmented reality keeper encounters will bring visitors eye to eye with a true modern day dinosaur.

Help us make it happen.

Chilean Flamingos

Photo courtesy Lincoln Park Zoo

Survival Square

(featuring Chilean Flamingos)

WHAT: Creating a place of inspiration, community, education and introspection is a key focus for the plaza in Revolution Ridge.

WHY: In order to breathe science and new life into our community, we must encourage visitors to expect the unexpected and embrace new ways of thinking about our world and the future.

WOW: Survival Square will be where diverse gardens, art, and visitor reflection converge and conversations about science emerge. Beautiful Chilean flamingos will be the conversation starters.

Help us make it happen.

Water Garden

Greensboro Water Garden

(Living Pond)

WHAT: This rehabilitated 1960’s watershed pond will be an educational sanctuary for native species, including turtles, fish and birds. This “wetland” focal point will allow visitors to learn about the science of clean water in urban environments.

WHY: Encouraging our visitors to have an awareness and appreciation of the wildlife in our own backyards is the first step to making daily changes to protecting our local habitats. Conservation needs are not just global, they are local as well.

WOW: The Greensboro Water Garden will include a pier for up close viewing of aquatic wildlife and a “Hydropod,” a floating hydroponic greenhouse that can be used for educational programming and plant propagation.

Help us make it happen.

The Green Scene

The Green Scene

(Greenhouses/Nature Play)

WHAT: Whether the visitor is learning about plants in the greenhouses or imagining they are creatures dwelling in structures made from willow branches, this area will truly highlight the science and wonder of “green” science!

WHY: Plant life is critical to the existence of all animals, whether it serves as a source of food or habitat. Learning about sustainable practices and ways to protect our land and forests is critical to the survival of many species.

WOW: Greenhouses will be used for both education and providing food and plants for the animals and their habitats. Additionally, sculptural willow structures will give visitors the opportunity to play in and reflect on the beauty and importance of the “growing” world around them.

Help us make it happen.

Precious Predators

Precious Predators

(Endangered Cat Complex)

WHAT: These small but stealthy cats will be featured in a complex that encourages visitors to observe their unique physical adaptations and behavioral features. The residents of the cat complex will include the fishing cat, sand cat, black-footed cat and serval.

WHY: Small cats make up over half of cats in the wild, but efforts on their behalf only make up around 1% of cat conservation dollars and programming.

WOW: Small endangered cats come in every size, shape, color and degree of cuteness. Just like their better known large cat cousins, smaller wildcats of the world deserve equal recognition and attention.

Help us make it happen.

Red Panda Ravine

Red Panda Ravine

(Life In the Trees)

WHAT: Red pandas are not just charming carnivores, but amazing animals uniquely adapted to survival in their native regions of the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China. Considered to be living fossils, their closest relative the Parailurus, lived 3-4 million years ago.

WHY: Due to deforestation, poaching and inbreeding, there are less than 10,000 in the wild—making red pandas endangered.

WOW: The red pandas will have not one, but two new exhibit areas. Visitors will be able to see these animals cross the ravine by way of a connecting bridge through the trees.

Help us make it happen.

Prehistoric Path

Prehistoric Path

(Dinosaur Realm)

WHAT: Journey back in time on the Prehistoric Path, a section of the new expansion that will look at life millions of years ago.

WHY: Lessons in animal adaptations and strategies for survival are found in both living and extinct animals. Visitors will have the opportunity to walk along the path with amazing creatures who did not survive into our time.

WOW: Triceratops, Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex and Spinosaurus will become just a few of the newest giant prehistoric residents of the zoo expansion.

Help us make it happen.


Photo courtesy San Diego Zoo


WHAT: A large outdoor and multi-use educational amphitheater overlooking the Battleground Parks District will be a game changer for science education in our community.

WHY: The Greensboro Science Center has run out of indoor classroom space. It is time to take learning out into the open sky.

WOW: Imagine raptors soaring, giant snakes slithering and all kinds of friendly creatures encountering YOU out in their natural habitat.

Help us make it happen.